Jackson Kayak: Fun Runner 70

I tested the FunRunner 70 last october 1oth on the Slalom whitewater park (Noguera Pallaresa River, Spain, class II-II+). This is my opinion about this boat:

The promo video from JacksonKayak:

1. I’ve paddled during the last 5 years with a carbonfiber slalom kayak (Galasport Toro) and sometimes with my JK-Fun. Now I’m looking for a riverrun boat  (class II, III) that brings me confidence and some slalom kayak feelings. I weight 180 lbs, 180 cm tall and 57 years old, so perhaps the FR-70 I tested was a little big for me, but it doesn’t seem a problem: the boat runs and flows perfectly, fast and easy to drive if you want to trace the line across the river or change quickly the direction with an oriented-traction paddle. Carving in the ferry or in the eddie is fantastic and confident. So the FR-70 has a great secondary stability and I get out of the water with a wide smile on my face. That’s true !!. It’s not literature and I understand now similar comments on the internet forums.

2. Surfing in small waves: The boat surfs very well but I don’t think it’s the best boat that surfs in the world as I’ve read in some posts. I’ve seen no important differences comparing FR-70 to Dagger Juice 7.1, Dagger Outlaw or WaveSport-EZG / Fuse as well. Of course the feelings are similar to other JK playboatings like my JK-Fun or the JK-Star series I’ve tried. So it surfs very well, smoothly, but I’ve seen none great improvements (maybe the balance between my weight and the boat’s size had penalized my surf, maybe in great waves one can see more differences).

3. Outfitting: Two hours paddling athletic, «non stop», getting down and upstream gates and my feet, back, lowerback, legs, shoulders,… were perfect. The bulkhead system is curious and it works softly wen you push your feet at each stroke and I don’t like it (maybe I’m so much used to slalom kayak aluminium footrest). By the way, the boat it’s very comfortable for us oldies.

4. The roll: Perfect. A little bit easier than my lovely JK-Fun because I can put my hands out of the water easier when setting the roll.

5. Playing and pirouettes: None. My skills are limited to spins and easy vertical moves using my JK-Fun. The FR-70 is a riverrunner, not a playboating. Maybe with more pushing water or maybe with the FR-60 could I do some easy tricks?.

6. Conclusion: The FR-70 is a perfect riverrunner boat for beginners because is a very confident, stable and funny boat. It’s perfect also for intermediate paddlers who want an old style boat or  want to paddle in slalom style (there’s no danger here to break the boat). So the FR-70 will be my next boat, for sure !!

Regards from Spain

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